Why are 7-seater cars perfect for large families?

Why are 7-seater cars perfect for large families?

Description: Analysing the reasons why so many larger families opt for 7-seater cars rather than the traditional 5-seater versions.

Body: Parents are always constantly evaluating and analysing the needs and purposes of their vehicles in used cars ni to see whether they can accommodate for their family. It’s not uncommon for some families to change a car once every couple of years to suit any changes that might arise in their lifestyle. More often than not, these changes result in parents buying a larger car such as a 7-seater so it can cope with their daily needs. Used vans in Northern Ireland or mini vans have traditionally been seen as an alternative to 7 seaters but vans obviously do not suit the needs of a family.

7-seater vehicles are growing in popularity for numerous reasons especially as families continue to grow in terms of size and needs. It has meant that standard 5-seater hatchbacks or 4×4 vehicles are either too small or not practical enough leaving buyers for looking for larger alternatives to help with the daily school run or weekend journeys. So why are 7-seater vehicles seen as the best option for families?

Safety. Although 7 seats inside a vehicle may seem too overcrowded, many of these vehicles are just as safe as their 5-seater counterparts. For starters, with seats also being placed in the very rear of the vehicle, it gives manufacturers to focus on maintain a tough structure to protect passengers all-round the body eliminating any needs for weak points or crumple zones. In addition to that, additional safety features such as curtain airbags can be deployed protecting rear and front passengers from nasty side impacts in an accident reducing the chances of children getting hurt when the whole family are on a journey

Improved stability. It’s understandable for people to think that the larger the used cars, the poorer the handling but this is far from true. In fact, 7-seater vehicles have just as good or even better handling than many 5-seaters due to the way weight is distributed in the car. With the rear boot having two additional seats, there is more weight evenly distributed to each tyre allowing them to transfer the same amount of grip and power to the road. This can help some of the electronic systems in the car such as ABS and ESC be much more effective in difficult conditions such as rain or ice and reduce the chance of accidents on the road.

Perfect for family needs. Large families are always going to be the biggest audience for 7-seater vehicles and it’s easy to see why considering their versatility and practicality. As there is a large portion of the interior dedicated to passenger space, it can be easy to fit with entertainment features such as in-car DVD and TV screens which can be placed just behind the front seats for kids to watch on long journeys. When the back seats aren’t being used, they can also fold down to reveal a large boot space which provides more than enough room for all the shopping or suitcases when going on holiday. To find used cars in Northern Ireland that match you 7 seater needs have a look at the Everything Motoring website.

There’s always going to be questions asked about whether someone needs a larger vehicle to cope with everyday life however it’s clear to see that 7-seater vehicles do have their place in the automotive world and actually do their job better than many of the alternatives that families can choose from. If you need help deciding which motor has the best reputation check out www.whatcar.com for the latest car reviews.